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  • MS Schippers

    About MS Schippers

    The Schippers Group is an innovative, international marketing organization for professional livestock farmers. Schippers is a family run business with a passion for farming.

    To combine our products with our specialized divisions we deliver an added value to sustainable and professional livestock farmers. In this way, Schippers will optimize, together with the entrepreneur and increase his operating efficiency.

    The strength of the whole Schippers group is a pro active service-oriented state of mind, opposite the intensive stock breeder. Schippers is already known across Europe as one of the largest service suppliers for the intensive stock breeder. A professional organization with more than 250 employees, with 10 sales offices in Europe and 40 in countries worldwide. Schippers has had a yearly growth of 20% in the last 10 years.

    You can explain the current success of Schippers by the innovative and flexible working attitude and the constant development and improvement in its daily practice.

    Schippers has evolved in product development and in the way in which we work. The ‘manager’ of now is not the ‘farmer’ of past. Schippers has been able to fully adjust itself to the still increasing need for knowledge of the stock breeder.Schippers is always striving to be number one, being innovation and flexible. That is keeps the company alert.

    All commercial activities are taken care of by representatives and internal employees. Besides those people, we also have product specialists with specialized knowledge of particular product groups. We are active in pig-breeding, poultry and cattle.

    The head office of Schippers is established in Bladel, The Netherlands. In a modern building you will find Management, Purchase, Sales, Export, Sales Support & Communication, Administration, IT, Service and Production. You will find a showroom as well, where customers can see our products. We also hold information and demonstration sessions.

    We have a central warehouse in Lommel, Belgium, from where every establishment and foreign customer are supplied in and outside Europe.



    Тел: 0031-497-339774

    Факс: 0031-497-339779

  • Provimi

    For premixes and additives, we are working with the company "Provimi" Holland.
    Provimi was founded near Rotterdam in The Netherlands in 1927, where it started up as a trading company for Dutch farmers. In the thirties it started selling a product under the acronym Provimi, a mixture of 3 basic elements in every animal feed and this is where the present name is derived from: Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals.
    In November 2011, Cargill acquired Provimi. The merger brought together the complementary animal nutrition expertise and operations of Cargill and Provimi. Cargill’s expertise in compound feed, supply chain and risk management will come together with Provimi’s wide range of nutritional expertise, technology and portfolio of premix, additives and specialties, milk replacers and ingredients. This increased range of capabilities, delivered by more than 16,000 employees across a global network spanning 37 countries will offer distinctive value to serve customers’ needs worldwide.
    Provimi B.V.
    3008 AB Rotterdam
    P.O.Box 5063
    +31 (0) 10 423 95 00 , F +31 (0) 10 423 95 88



    From now on it has been the fourth generation of Houot family which has been working in livestock business. With more than 100 000 heads of cattle exportated in 2012, Auroch is the leader on the market of export outside European Union of alive cattle in France.

    Auroch SARL
    2 bis ave du capitaine Scott
    06300 Nice
    +33 6 73 30 42 82

  • Milkline

    Milkline is the reference Brand for today's farmer.
    We propose innovative, effective, and reliable solutions and services that ensure high quality and safe production for the farmer.
    Milkline is the Italian company that, since 1976, sees the stages of milk production as a key point in the food chain. Milkline proposes a qualitative offer made of innovative products and integrated solutions. Innovation, commitment, and passion inspire our way of being and identify the people we work with. Milkline has always paired its development to the benefit of the client.

    Head office
    Milkline Srl 
    Phone +39 0523 524245 – Fax +39 0523 524242
    e-mail: info@milkline.com
    Site: www.milkline.com