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  • The main advantage of Saanen is its high milk yield
  • Goats differ good health, unpretentious to conditions, hardy, well- acclimatized
  • The nature of flexibility, friendly
  • The animals almost completely absent unpleasant smell peculiar to other goats

Saanen goats  


Saanen goats were bred in Switzerland, Saanen breed Valley more than 500 years ago by crossing and a long selection of local breeds. Among the large number of porters created valuable dairy goat breeds are the best Saanen goats, for the right to occupy the first place in the world. But in Europe, the breed became widespread only since 1893.


White Saanen, rarer with light yellow and white-yellow tint. Animals are large, dense constitution. Trunk is wide, long and deep. Height at the withers is 75-90 cm. The head is of medium size, dry, hornless, there are goats with horns, wide forehead. The ears are small, thin, upright, in the form of a horn, sometimes a little flabby. High neck, full on the bottom side of the neck there “catkins”. Voluminous breasts and wide. Back is straight. Udder is large, well developed, the spherical shaped. Croup is well developed, slightly sloping. The backbone is strong, not rude. Limbs are properly set, strong hooves. The muscles are well developed. Hair without undercoat, short, consisting of a thin spine, thick. Pets are not sheared. The skin is thin and flexible.


Weight of adult goats - 55-80 kg, goats - 65-85 kg, sometimes up to 90-110 kg. Goats per birth bring 2-3 kid. Weight kids at birth - 3-5 kg. In 2 months weighs 12-13 kg, 12 months - 40-50 kg. Milk productivity is high. Annual yield - 800-1200 kg per lactation, milk yield average - 4-8 kg. Milk fat 4.5 %. Tasty and nutritious milk, without odor. Skin goats excellent quality of her husky excrete, suede and kid

Dilution zone:

Breed Saanen goats is widespread in Switzerland, the UK, France, the USA, South Africa, Australia, as well as Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus. In Uzbekistan, this breed can be diluted in all areas of the Republic.

Milk production:

Dairy goats Saanen give an average of 600-700 kg of milk per year, and with improved feeding and keeping - 1000-1200 kg. Record milk yield of 3499 kg is lactation. Interestingly, when testing these productivity goat milk a year were given a 12-15 and sometimes 25 times its wet weight, and the cows only 5-8 times. The percentage of fat in the milk of goats Saanen of Russian goat milk, and usually ranges about 3.5-4. Milk production period lasts 8-11 months.

Characteristics of Saanen goats supplied to Uzbekistan:

Breeding book: All animals are registered in the official breeding book, accompanied by a certificate of pedigree, which identifies the last 3 generations.
Health: All animals are accompanied by an official health certificate, coordinated by the veterinary services of the country of origin of animals and of the recipient country.
Origin: France.
Maternal line: Minimum productivity mothers Saanen: first lactation is over 1000 kg milk, the second lactation is more than 1100 kg milk with not less than 4%. Minimum days of lactation – 9 month.
Sire: insemination using semen tested sires and sons seed producers with positive index for milk. Father and bull manufacturer were evaluated by tribal figures according to the model animal testing
Age: 5-7 months at the time of selection.
Weight: 25-35 kg, depending on age.
Selection: will be produced on farms where animals were born, Commission of two members appointed by the client.

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